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The vision of UB QAC is nurturing Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) at UB to achieve UB as a World Class Entrepreneurial University (WCEU).

To achieve the vision, UB QAC establishes the missions below:

  1. to sustainably develop and implement IQAS in UB,
  2. to actively participate in developing early warning system as an integral part of higher education IQAS,
  3. to promote UB as the higher education IQAS center of excellence.

The aims of the QAC are:

  1. to assure the quality of education in producing the competence of graduates, good morality, professional, responsible, able to self developing and being competitive graduates at national or international levels.
  2. to assure the quality of research and community services which can increase the prosperity of community either at the national or at international level.
  3. to improve continuously the QMS in order to be a world class entrepreneurial university.

QAC Motto follows the UB motto stated in the UB badge  join UB be the best.

In addition, QAC formulated service declaration according to the UB service declaration:  With this regards, we carry out the service in accordance to the set of service standards stated and if we do not keep this promise, we are deserved punishments according to the legislation.

The main tasks of QAC, according Rector Regulation Number 27 of 2017, are as follows:

  1. Developing Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) UB
  2. Controlling achievement of quality standards by the Quality Internal Audit System (AIM).
  3. Controlling the implementation of Internal Monitoring and Evaluation System (Monevin) of Competitive Based Funding/Program (PHK).
  4. Controlling the application of accreditation and / or certification standards for enhancing study program qualifications and / or institutions, in the national and / or international levels.
  5. Controlling the implementation of reputation enhancement and rating systems, in the national and / or international levels.
  6. Improving skills and qualification of QAC human resources related to continuous quality assurance.
  7. Disseminating AIM results as inputs for the UB reward and early warning system.
  8. Developing PJM profiles and providing community services.

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