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Programs of QAC UB

A. Management Programs

  1. Weekly meeting
  2. Management Review
  3. Developing programs for 2019
  4. Updating QAC Quality Manual
  5. Restructuring and revising tasks of QAC
  6. Evaluating Customer satisfaction

B. Division of Internal QAS

  1. Developing and socializing UB Quality Standards and UB Internal QAS
  2. Developing and socializing UB Internal QAS Policy and SOP
  3. Converting QMS ISO 9001:2015
  4. Renewal and Surveillance for QMS ISO 9001:2015
  5. Determining action plan for internal and external audit results
  6. Developing Archive Information System (SEMAR)
  7. Participating National Workshop on Internal QAS

C. Division of Internal Audit

  1. UB Workshop to following up internal audit findings
  2. Internal audit for faculties, departments and study programs
  3. Internal audit for laboratories
  4. Internal audit for supporting units
  5. Developing and trial Internal Audit Information System (SIAIM)
  6. Disseminating internal audit findings
  7. Evaluating auditors and auditees satisfaction

D. Division of CBF Monev

  1. Developing SOP of CBF Monev
  2. Desk evaluation of CBF proposal
  3. Midterm and final term of CBF Monev
  4. Evaluating reviewers and grantees satisfaction

E. Division of National Accreditation

  1. Updating SOP on national accreditation affairs
  2. Monitoring and evaluating national accreditation by SIDEA
  3. Providing information for national assessor certification
  4. Training for developing accreditation proposal
  5. Supervising for national accreditation surveillance
  6. Supervising for accreditation proposal submission
  7. Evaluating internal assessors and study program satisfaction

F. Division of International Accreditation/Certification

  1. Workshop on following up AUN-QA Certification
  2. FGD on accreditation/certification urgency
  3. Initiation of international accreditation/certification
  4. Supervising international accreditation/certification
  5. Workshop on developing documents for international accreditation/certification
  6. Supervising LSSR for ISO 17025 accreditation
  7. Supervising for ISO 15189 laboratory accreditation
  8. Evaluating internal assessors and stakeholders satisfaction

G. Division of Quality Public Services

  1. Improving staff English proficiency on writing news and updating website
  2. Providing public services and updating website
  3. Certification for Archive Internal Auditor
  4. Certification for UB Internal Auditor
  5. Certification for CBF Proposal Internal Reviewer
  6. Certification for CBF Monev Internal Reviewer
  7. Developing proposal of Program Asuh PT Unggul
  8. Assisting private universities and school toward GUG
  9. Supervising implementation and control of Internal QAS
  10. Supervising improvement of study programs performance
  11. Accelerating improvement of study programs accreditation from C to B
  12. Evaluating stakeholders satisfaction and reporting
  13. Organizing FPMPTI meeting

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