Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS)

Internal Quality Assurance System is one of many systems to address some problems in higher education institutions in Indonesia.

In general, quality assurance in higher education was defined as

  1. An establishment of  processes and compliance with the standard quality of education consistent and continuous to meet the customer satisfaction.
  2. Processes to assure the quality of the graduates meet the established competency  and the quality of the graduates can be maintained consistently and be improved continuously.

A qualified university is a university that is able to define and to realize its visions through the implementation of the missions (deductive logic) and is also able to fulfill/satisfy stakeholders/consumer needs (inductive logic) including public needs, world of work and professionalism. Therefore, a higher education should be able to planning, managing and controlling processes to achieve the quality standards.

To achieve all the goals, it is necessary to accomplish the following requirements:

  1. Commitment
  2. Internally driven
  3. Responsibility and good supervision
  4. Compliance to the planning
  5. Evaluation
  6. Continuous Improvement of quality

The goals of quality assurance are to maintain and to improve the quality of higher education continuously which are conducted internally to achieve vision and mission university and to fulfill stakeholder needs through the implementation of “university three missions” (Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi). To accomplish those goals, an university should be controlled and audited  by BAN-PT or by other external accreditation bodies. Therefore, objectivity of the evaluation of maintaining and improving of academic quality continuously at the university can be achieved.

IQAS Implementation at UB was based on the following law:

  1. National Act number 20 year 2003 regarding SISDIKNAS
  2. Higher Education Long Term Strategy (HELTS) 2003 – 2010
  3. Quality Assurance Guideline for Higher Educations, DGHE 2003
  4. Quality Assurance  Task Force DGHE 2003
  5. Government Act number 19 year 2005 regarding Nasional Standard of  Education
  6. Government Act number 17 year 2010 regarding Management and Service of Education
  7. Government Act number 66 year 2010 regarding Alteration on Government Act number17 year 2010 regarding Management and Service of Education.

EQAS UB also refers to the accreditation instruments of BAN-PT and of Times Higher Education Supplement Quacquarelli Symons (THES-QS) as International standards. The quality assurance at UB is presented below:

Quality Assurance Scheme


The objective of scheme of Quality Assurance are:

  1. To achieve vision and mission through the compliance quality standards by continuous improvement of the quality standards (PDCA = Plan Do Check Act), using process-management-based.
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Customer care

To implement IQAS, UB undertakes “quality assurance cycles” known as OSDAT which is stand for:

  • Establishment of a quality assurance organization (O)
  • Setting up systems (Policy, Documentation System (quality standard, quality manual, manual procedure etc) (S)
  • Implementing system (socialization and guideline) (D)
  • Internal Quality Audit (one cycle of quality assurance) (A)
  • Follow-up (T)

The cycles are presented below:

IQAS Cycle

In general, organization of quality assurance at UB is a functional institution attached to the structural institution organization so that implementing the job description of the QAC staff always involves structural staff. In this case, QAC, GJM (quality assurance unit at faculty) and UJM (quality assurance unit at SP level) are independent. Their responsible is restricted to their level institution. Below is organization structure of UB and QAC.


Organization Structure of Quality Assurance

Documentation system should refer to the SPMPT/HEQAS (Sistem Pejaminan Mutu Perguruan Tinggi/ Higher Education Quality Assurance System) and ISO 9001 documentation system. Documentation system of IQAS become uniqueness of UB. Documentation of IQAS was intended to preparation of external auditing by BAN-PT or ISO9001 bodies and internal audit coordinated by QAC UB. Below is document structure of IQAS UB

Documents Structure

IQAS Documents

  1. Vision, Mission and Goal of UB
  2. Statuta of UB
  3. Organization and Governance of UB
  4. Planning and Strategy of UB (old version)
  5. Rector Planning
  6. Handbook of UB
  7. Quality Manual UB (in revision process)
  8. Quality Standard of UB and Faculty-Program
  9. Quality Standard of Department -Study Program
  10. SOP of Documents and Records Controlling
  11. SOP of Nonconformities Product Controlling
  12. SOP of Correction and Prevention Actions
  13. SOP of Evaluation of Rector Satisfaction and units
  14. SOP of Implementation Strategic Planning
  15. SOP of Strategic Planning Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation

Most of programs and activity division of IQAS are improving IQAS document at university or unit (ASU and ASSU) levels.

In 2010, some IQAS documents developed by QAC were transferred to the university as university documents. These documents were some Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for university level, therefore, QAC only manages and develops document for QAC itself. Some of those documents were SOP for IQA activities, Accreditation Assistance, CBF Monevin, UBAQA and Management Complaint.

However, in 2011, those documents were returned to QAC considering that QAC is the executor of the procedures.

IQAS also participates in developing quality assurance system at national or international levels. On 3-5 August 2011, QAC participated in Workshop of IQAS organized by DGHE. Prof. Dr. Ir. Soebarinoto represented UB. On 25 -26 May 2011, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS. and Ir. Achmad Wicaksono, MEng., PhD took part in Criteria of Malcolm Baldrige Workshop in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia organized by IBN international.

Division of IQAS organized workshop of awareness and implementation of IQAS and ISO9001:2008. Workshop was started with IQAS awareness and ISO 9001 for ASSU’s (head and supervisor) on March 25 and April 1, 2011. The following workshop was implementation of IQAS of ISO 9001:2008-based consisting 3 parts. First part was workshop for GJM staff; second part was workshop for QAC staff and third part was workshop for Academic Supporting Service Unit.

(1)      Manual Mutu PJM (dalam proses revisi)