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2nd cycle of AQIA 2007

There was a lack of knowledge and understanding of the staff in applying education quality assurance, therefore, before 2nd cycle of AQIA started, there were assistance in finalizing the developing and implementing of quality documents by QAC. This was monitored by Vice Rector.

AQIA 2nd cycle was carried out in 2 steps. The first step was a system auditing held on June 25, 2008 at the Main Building UB 8th floor. Second step was compliance audit (visitation) held on June 26- 27, 2008. The visitation schedule was agreed by audited unitsand auditors.

Auditor involved consists of existing auditors (certified on AQIA training in 2007) and new auditors (certified in May, 2008). The number of auditors involved was 78 auditors (84%) from total UB auditors of 93 auditors. From 78 auditors involved, 50 auditors was new auditors, 28 auditors were existing auditors. The distribution of auditors was based on :

  1. The availability of auditors
  2. The availability of audited units
  3. The involvement of auditor in assistance of quality assurance units at faculty and SP levels (for established auditors)

The number of units participation in AQIA 1st cycle 2009 was 100% consisting of 12 faculties/programs and 37 departments.

The resultsof 2nd cycle of AQIA was grouped into 2 groups: group of faculties/programs and group of SP’s. This grouping made an easy evaluation because the audited unit documents are different between faculty and department/SP.

Based on compilation of AQIA results, there are some findings :

  1. Academic quality assurance system (AQAS) organization
  2. Document format
  3. Document code
  4. Legalized document
  5. Document content
  6. AQAS implementation

Most of findings in faculty/program were incorrect document content and incorrect document code. In department/SP, most of findings were incorrect document format and incorrect document code.

 Frekuensi-temuan-di-Fak-Prog AIM UKPA Siklus 2 2008

Frequency of findings from 2nd cycle IQA academic service unit at Faculty/ Program

 Frekuensi-temuan-di-Jur-PS AIM UKPA Siklus 2 2008

Frequency of findings from 2nd cycle IQA academic service unit at Department/Study Program

The evaluation of AQAS prepared by audited units was used as areference for auditing. Based on these evaluation, the percentage of compliancewas obtained at organization of AQAS. The audited items were organization structure of AQAS at level of faculty/program, the existence ofAQAS documents, AQAS implementation and the delayed of collecting document. The level of compliance to the standards of the audited unit is presented below:

 Tingkat-Kepatuhan-Fak-Prog AIM UKPA Siklus 2 2008

The compliance to the standards in 2nd cycle IQA academic service unit at Faculty/ Program


Tingkat-Kepatuhan-Jur-PS AIM UKPA Siklus 2 2008

The compliance to the standards in 2nd cycle IQA academic service unit at Department/Study Program

The auditing process showed that Rector has a good commitment to achieve standards ofAQAS. In the future,academic activities at UB at Faculty/Program and Department levels are expected to be more clear as in good university standards.Moreover, this activity was relevant to meet theNational Education Standards(Peraturan Pemerintah No.19, 2005) and attempt to prepare UB to be world class entrepreneurial university.

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