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Services provided by PJM/QAC (Pusat Jaminan Mutu/Quality Assurance System) are available for both internal stakeholders (lecturer, student and administrative staff of UB) and external stakeholders. Service for internal stakeholders was stated and programmed in the QAC planning. In general, QAC planning was divided into 4 categories: accreditation (national and international), SPMI/IQAS (Sistem Penjaminan Mutu Internal/Internal Quality Assurance System), AIM/IQA (Audit Internal Mutu/ Internal Audit Quality) and Internal Evaluation and Monitoring (Monevin) of CBF/CBF (Program Hibah Kompetisi/Competitive Based Funding). Service for external stakeholders was divided in to 3 categories: training of IQAS and BAN-PT accreditation, consultancy (benchmarking, internship) and assistance (speaker provider and technical assistance).

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Monevin of CBF

Public Services (External Stakeholders)

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