Universitas Brawijaya
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UB is a public institution that should comply with the law regarding penyelenggaraan and managing of higher education (Tri Darma PT). As a consequence, UB should be audited internally or externally. The audited results are inputs for continuous improvement for UB managements. 

Siklus SPMI di UB

Figure of IQAS at UB 

Internal audit at UB is a mandate for QAC and SPI/Satuan Pengawasan Internal (Internal Controlling Unit). External audit was done by some institutions periodically. As an organization applied quality management system of ISO 9001:2008, UB is evaluated periodically for the implementation of QMS of ISO9001′;2008. UB uses Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) as an ISO certification body. Other institution bodies who also evaluates UB periodically are BPK (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan) and KAP/PAO (Kantor Akuntan Publik/Public Accounting Office). BPK evalautes as one institution appointed by government to audit government institutions who spend APBN/NRSB (Anggaran Pendapatan Belanja Negara/ National Revenue and Spending Budget). As BLU/.. (Badan Layanan Usaha), UB is required to be audited by PAO.

Internal Audit

External Audit

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