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Quality Assurance Center (QAC) UB applies quality assurance according to SPMI/IQAS (Sistem Penjaminan Mutu Internal/Internal Quality Assurance System). To implement the IQAS, QAC-UB conducts “quality assurance cycles” known as OSDAT cycle which stands for:

  1. Setting up a quality assurance organization (O)
  2. Setting up systems (Policy, Documentation System (quality standard, quality manual, manual procedure etc) (S)
  3. Implementing system (socialization and guideline) (D)
  4. Internal Quality Audit (IQA) (one cycle of quality assurance) (A)
  5. Follow up of nonconformities through action plan and corrective action plan (T)

The cycles are presented below:

Siklus-SPMI-UB-1024x599Figure of IQAS at UB 


Documentation System

Audit Result

Internal Audit

External Audit

Management Review

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