Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi (BAN-PT) is National Accreditation Board for Higher Education

At the national accreditation level, BAN-PT is an institution that has an authority to do accreditation to the management and outcome of higher education. The evaluation was performed to the all comprehensive aspects conducted by a higher education. There are 7 standards (BAN-PT Accreditation Instruments),

Standard 1. Vision, Mission, Goal and Target, and Strategy

Standard 2. Government, Leaderships, Management System And Quality Assurance

Standard 3. Students and Graduates

Standard 4. Human Resources

Standard 5. Curriculum, Learning Process, and Academic Atmosphere

Standard 6. Funding, Facilities, and Information System

Standard 7. Research, Service/ Community Service and Cooperation

In 2003, Sistem Pendidikan Nasional (SISDIKNAS)/ National Education System stated strictly that accreditation is changed from voluntary to obligatory. In SISDIKNAS, an educational unit obliges to implement  quality assurance. UB used this new rule to include EQAS model as a reference.

QAC-UB has mandates to develop IQAS and develop detail programs to accommodate that policy. Therefore, division of accreditation is established and included in the QAS organization structure. The accreditation division has program in assisting  preparation of accreditation documents either for study program (SP) or for AIPT/HEIA (Akreditasi Institusional Perguruan Tinggi/Higher Education Institutional Accreditation). The aim of the accreditation assistance is to increase the accreditation grade of SP’s and UB.

During assistance in preparation of accreditation document for SP and BAN-PT, QAC collaborates with other units in particular Cooperation and Academic Administration Bureau (BAAK) under supervision of Vice Rector of Academic Affair. In addition, national assessors from UB also involves in this acivities as an internal reviewer and a consultant.

The role of QAC in the assistance of preparation of accreditation document is coordinating national asesssor from UB and SP’s and giving recommendation to the Rector and Vice Rector regarding an adequacy accreditation document of SP’s or University based on the evaluation from internal asessors.

QAC formulates the procedure of assistance of document preparation, assessment and simulation of visitation of SP accreditation  in order to monitor the activities of the preparation, performing, evaluation and follow up. The flowchart of SP accreditation assistance is presented below.


Figure. Flowchart of process of assistance accreditation BAN-PT for SP

The chance to propose re-evaluation of accreditation results to BAN-PT makes QAC formulating the Procedure of surveillance of SP accreditation. Therefore, SP’s who  propose objection and re-evaluating their  accreditation results can be coordinated by QAC. The summary of surveillance accreditation process of SP is presented below.


Flowchart of Accreditation surveillance BAN-PT for SP

The result of assistance of BAN-PT accreditation can be found here the link:


Training of preparation of accreditation document for  SP

This training is a part of acceleration program of accreditation SP at UB. Training material can be downloaded here the link

1. Self-evaluation guideline (Trinil S)

2. Form IIIA (SRU)