Documentation System

Documentation system can guarantee the harmonizing process of planning, implementing and controlling of all QAC activities at UB. This system is also as communication tools to assure the consistency of actions to produce products that meet consumer expectations and to improve quality continuously. QAC UB established and maintained the documented procedures of controlling the documents and lists related to the QMS requirements.

In 2010, some documents of SPMI/IQSA (Sistem Penjaminan Mutu Internal/Internal Quality Assurance System) prepared by QAC were transferred to the university to be university documents. These documents were some Manual Procedures (MP’s) for university, therefore, QAC only manages and develops documents for QAC itself. Some documents were MP for IQA activities, Accreditation Assisting, Monitoring and Evaluation of Competitive Based Funding (CBF), UBAQA and Management Complaint.

However, in 2011 those documents were returned to QAC considering that QAC is the executor of the procedures. The list of documents managed by QAC now are as follows:

  1. Vision, Mission, Goal, Motto and Service of QAC UB
  2. Programs of QAC UB
  3. Quality Manual of QAC UB
  4. MP for document and record controlling of QAC UB
  5. MP for controlling nonconformities products of QAC UB
  6. MP for corrective and preventing action of QAC UB
  7. MP for QAC Profile Review at UB website
  8. MP for consultation
  9. MP for customer satisfaction evaluation
  10. MP Training of SPMI design and Internal Auditor Certification
  11. MP Purchasing and Maintaining Assets of QAC
  12. MP Assisstance in Document Preparation, Assessment and Accreditation Simulation of study program (SP).
  13. MP Surveillance of Accreditation SP
  14. MP for Assisting Implementation of IQAS
  15. MP for Providing Internal Auditor for IQA
  16. MP for IQA AU and MP for IQA of ASSU
  17. MP for Assistance CBF
  18. MP for Internal Reviewer providing
  19. MP for Monitoring and Internal Evaluation of CBF

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